〝Diary of a Wimpy kid 〟vol.3〜THE LAST STRAW〜を読解しよう【2】

今回も前回に続き、〝Diary of a Wimpy kid 〟vol.3の〝THE LAST STRAW〟を読解していきたいと思います。


P.7 Wearing that thing was like being wrapping  in a big, fluffy towel that just came out of the dryer.






P.9 When I unwrapped Uncle Charlie’s gift, I didn’t even know what it was supposed to be.






P.12 I might actually make it through the whole school year before I run out of clean stuff to wear.




P.19 I’ve heard some of the stories Mom and Dad read to Manny, and let me just say that the people who write these books really have a racket going.




P.25 See, the reason Dad is on my case about exercise and all that is because he’s got this boss named Mr Warren has three boys who are these crazy sports fanatics.




P.28  Mom came outside and asked me what I was up to.


〝what I was doing 〟は、〝何をしていたの?〟のニュアンスで、より〝what I was up to〟だと、少し悪いことをしていたのを確信している聞き方になるようです。

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