〝Diary of a Wimpy kid 〟vol.1を読解しよう【2】

前回に続き、〝Diary of a Wimpy kid 〟vol.1で使えるフレーズをご紹介していきたいと思います。

P.84 ● Now kids are wrestling in the  hallways in the classrooms, you name it.


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 you name it :ありとあらゆるもの、ありとあらゆる場所




P.86● I figure if I bulk up now, it could actually come in handy down the road.


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come in handy:役立つ(=useful)

down the road:将来いつか・今後・そのうちに(=in the future)




● Christmas is a month and a half away.


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P.95 ● But all my begging seemed to do was make mom more sure I should do it.


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P.107 ● The play was supposed to start at 8:00, but it got delayed because Rodney James had       stage fright.


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P.118 ● He told me to either throw it out or give it away to charity.


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P.126 ● That thing must have cost a fortune.


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P.130 ● I just slapped a bow on the book.


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P.134 ● Then she put a seed, a raisin and a grape on a plate and told Manny to point to the thing that was the closest  in size to the piece of thread he swallowed.


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P.136 ● It’s a lot harder to hit a moving target than I thought.


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P.136 ● It took Rowley, like, ten minutes to walk the big wheel back up the hill after every trip down.


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P.137 ● Rowley kept asking to switch places and have me be the one who rides the Big Wheel, but I’m no fool.


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P.138 ● I thought I could just crank out my thank-you cards in a half hour, but when it came to actually writing them, my mind went blank.


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P.140 ● I figured he’d just shake it off and get right back on the bike, but he didn’t.


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P.151 ● If someone picks on a safety patrol, it can get them suspended. The way I figure it, I can use  any extra protection I can get.


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P.153 ● I didn’t even have to lift a finger.


(DIARY of a Wimpy Kidから引用しています)

I didn’t even have to lift a finger = I didn’t even have to do any thing